<Message from LSI Brighton>


The goal of LSI is to provide each student with a quality education. We do this by tailoring our programs to their needs. We also aim to provide students with a warm and friendly welcome to Britain and to help them enjoy their time here. Students have described our staff as ‘friendly and helpful’, ‘very interesting’ and ‘well prepared’. All the teachers at LSI are fully qualified, experienced and highly professional.

The city of Brighton & Hove is famous around the world as a city of art and culture, rich in history, and a great destination for students of all backgrounds and ages. After gaining city status in 200, the population has grown to 250,000 people, and has welcomed over 30 million visitors in the last 5 years. It boasts 2 international universities, and over 1000 restaurants, cafes, clubs and pubs, meaning there is something new to do every day for 3 years!