<Message from LSI London Central>


London is a world metropolis, one of the most diverse, multicultural places on earth and we are delighted to welcome you to our city. London has attracted people from all over the world at different points in its history and virtually every single global community is represented here. Where else could you start your day with breakfast in a French café, lunch in an Italian delicatessen, afternoon tea in a Chinese tea house, dinner at a Sudanese restaurant and party in a Brazilian nightclub? This is the London we live in and this is the London we want to share with you.

London is also a city of world-famous monuments and landmarks. The view from the London Eye as the sun sets over the capital is incredible. Seeing the sun rise over Hyde Park and enjoying an oasis of calm in the middle of the city is unforgettable. Discovering a new bar or restaurant that only you and a handful of other people seem to know about is so special. Sharing the enjoyment of a West End musical with hundreds of other people and enjoying the treasures of our world-famous museums and art galleries, these are just a few of the pleasures that London can offer you.

Over 30% of the population of London was born in another country and at LSI London Central we match this diversity with one of the most multinational student bodies of any language school in London. In 2006, we had students from over 50 countries present.

English is a global language and many people around the world are slowly realizing that English is one of the keys to becoming world citizens. All of our teachers are native speakers, 75% of whom come from the UK. We also have a number of international teachers from Ireland, New Zealand and Canada to help you become familiar with other English dialects.

LSI London Central is located in the very heart of the city, minutes from the British Museum, Oxford Street shopping, Soho’s bars and the West End theatres.